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Our Founders

Georges and Marie-Josette Bonneval have been married for 50 years. It was through the YES given to God by them that the Holy Spirit had free access to form the charism in their hearts and thus be fruitful, and parents of our great spiritual family Seeds of the Word. Georges exercises his Diaconal Ministry within the Community and, together with Marie, "Proclaims the Word" in the discreet authority of the Holy Spirit.

After the discovery and healing of a cancer at the age of 23, Georges was led to an encounter with the Living Christ and his Church through, above all, the passionate discovery of Paul's writings. Since then, he has consecrated - with Marie-Josette - his entire life to the New Evangelization.

"The primary and principle Founder of the Community is the Holy Spirit, who raises up any and every community. On the founder rests the Founding Charism, a charism that is made fruitful as the founder responds to the Lord's call, just as one who has been 'entrusted with a talent' (Cf. Mt 25: 14-30)".  (SOW Book of Life, No. 7)

Our Charism

The Seeds of the Word is a contemplative and missionary community, with the charism to announce the Good News of Salvation to the world. For “no one can be a true witness if they have not contemplated the Mystery that they are going to announce.” (SOW Book of Life, No. 13, 5). It doesn’t have a end in itself, but it is missionary. “For the life of the World” Pro Mundi Vita. (Jn 6: 51)

To be Seeds of the Word is to cooperate in the mission of the Church wherever she is, to announce what we contemplate and faithfully transmit what we received from the Lord. The Community lives an evangelical radicalism, we are called to live the radicality of the Gospel, leaving everything to follow Christ in docility to the Holy Spirit. It is a new form of consecrated life that requires detachment from the old way of life in order to be fully available to the call of God.

States of Life

The Community gathers together all the states of life. Each member is called to be consecrated to the Community, that is, to be available and free, set apart for the work of God, through the community. All agree to carry out, according to their state of life, the spirit of the evangelical counsels which are chastity, poverty, and obedience to Christ.
Gathered in the Community are three states of life, all living the same common Rule of Life: singles people, married couples, and consecrated people. These states of life are different but recognized as necessary and complementary. A state of life is not an end in itself, but a means given by God for a single goal, which is heaven and holiness. 
“So we have known and believe the love that God has for us.”(1 Jn 4.16) 
All are called to the same holiness, the same community life, and the same founding charism. The Community recognizes the equal dignity of the vocation of all its members as a work of the Spirit, founded on Baptism and Confirmation and sustained by the Eucharist. It is also the Holy Spirit that allows this ecclesial plurality to be lived in an organic communion of diverse vocations, charisms, and ministries.