in Calgary

The Joy of Evangelizing!​

The St. John Paul II House is the first mission of the Seeds of the Word Community in North America. Our mission started in 2014 at a Portuguese Parish, but now we are spread through the whole Diocese of Calgary.

Our mission is to help people to grow in relationship with God through Sacred Scripture by the method of "Lectio Divina", as well of bible groups; helping in the sacramental preparation; offering spiritual direction, just to name a few.

Mission Requests

  • Formation ministry (sacramental, liturgical and Biblical);

  • Vocations ministry (About Religious Life, giving our own vocational testimonies, etc.)

  • Youth and children's ministry;​

  • Missions in schools;

  • Missions in parishes (Youth group, Mom's group, Bible group, etc.)

We are open and available to help according to the needs of your group or parish.

Let us know what kind of mission you want or need from us!

“The Second Vatican Council recalls that the Spirit is at work in the heart of every person, through the 'Seeds of the Word', to be found in human initiatives-including religious ones and in mankind's efforts to attain truth, goodness, and God himself.”​

Deacon Georges Bonneval - Founder of the Seeds of the Word Community​