• Seeds of the Word


St. Jerome says "Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ"

As our charism is to spread the Word of God and help people to grow in their relationship with Jesus through the Scriptures. On this 2020 we hope to reach more people and make them grow in their relationship with the Word through the LECTIO DIVINA COMPENDIUM, which is a guide to help you to meditate the Sacred Scriptures everyday through the daily liturgy. By following these 5 steps of: reading, meditating, praying, contemplating and acting, you can make the Word of God part of your life!

The main theme for the Compendium this year will be "Spiritual Accompaniment". This School of Spiritual Accompaniment and of new spiritual directors is being ministered through the rich monthly teachings of Deacon Georges Bonneval in the compendium, together with the richness of the Word of God, the Tradition and Magisterium. These teachings will help us to go deeper, month after month, into a personal awareness of our imperative need to let ourselves be accompanied, so that we too may accompany souls.

"Where two or three are gathered together in the Name of the Lord: He is there in the midst of them!" Mt 18:20

How to purchase: St. John Paul II house in Calgary (3011 29 St SW)

Contact: (403) 616-8579