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Opening of the first Sabbatical Year in "Our Lady of Mount Carmel" house in Belém, Brazil

Updated: Mar 31

On Ash Wednesday (February 17th, 2021), Our Lady of Mount Carmel House in Belém, Brazil, started the first group of the School of the Sabbatical Year in this mission house. The Holy Mass was presided over by Bishop Alberta Taveira, Archbishop of Belém and SoW Guaranteeing Bishop, in the presence of Sr. Mary Sarah, General Former of the Community.

The School of Evangelization in Our Lady of Mount Carmel House in 2021 will have 12 participants, among youth and adults, coming from different parts of Brazil.

The Sabbatical Year is a period of formation to be made new in the Word of God and to live out a process of healing, conversion and vocational discernment for the Church, throughout nine months. The participants of each new group are called Companions, which means "those who eat bread with us", coming from the Latin "cum panis", for throughout this time they share intensely in the fraternal, liturgical and missionary life of the Seeds of the Word Community.

"It is a time of grace! A person who sets aside a year to do the Sabbatical Year… at the end they will have the certainty that they did not lose time, but knew how to take advantage of their time in the best way that exists. (...)

There is a 'before' and an 'after' this experience! The Sabbatical Year is a mark, a seal that Our Lord impresses upon our hearts and our souls, opening new perspectives of serving God and the Church, of vocation, of steps to be taken as Christians… I rejoice with you young people who start this Sabbatical Year today!" affirmed Bishop Alberto during his homily.